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What is Active Travel?

Creating neighbourhoods that encourage people to choose active transport is a great way to keep the community healthy. Active transport can include walking, cycling, skating, skateboarding and even public transport use, because people walk or cycle to and from the service stops. Using active transport to make local trips, such as to the shops, the local park or to visit friends is an easy way for people to get their daily dose of physical activity.

What are the benefits of promoting active travel?

Many local governments are grappling with increased traffic, local congestion, noise pollution and parking demands while trying to ensure accessibility to all services and facilities within their area. While some of this traffic comes from outside the municipality, about half of all trips are local and less than five kilometres. Encouraging your local community to use active transport can make an immediate contribution to reducing local traffic problems. The benefits of active transport include:

  • Increased community safety – more people walking and cycling around your neighbourhood results in improved awareness of all road users, greater community contact and more ‘eyes on the street’;
  • Helping local businesses – people using active transport are more likely to shop locally;
  • Improved community health – physical activity reduces numerous chronic health problems and can contribute positively to social capital and mental wellbeing;
  • Access for all – walking and cycling are low cost activities that are available to the whole community;
  • Improved environment – fewer car trips means reduced greenhouse gas emission, less noise and air pollution;
  • Reduction in local congestion; and,
  • Reduced pressure on road budgets – providing for, and maintaining infrastructure for motor vehicles consumes a significant proportion of the council budget.

What is the City of Greater Geraldton doing to encourage Active Travel?

The City of Greater Geraldton is encouraging the use of non-motorised forms of transport involving physical activity, such as walking and cycling with several programs including TravelSmart, Why Not Wednesday, Gero Cycle Chic and Roll with Us.

The City would also like to see an increase the use of public transport for longer distance trips.

The increase in Active Travel is being done in several ways: Firstly the City of Greater Geraldton’s Town Planning Scheme is being developed and will operate to enable existing and new areas to be convenient, pleasant and safe for walking and cycling trips

For more information see Green Travel Plans - local planning policy, Local / Town Planning Scheme/s, International charter for walking and other Planning documents.

In order to make walking and cycling the preferred modes for many people there needs to be:

  • high levels of amenity, especially to key destinations such as workplaces, schools and shops;
  • mixed land uses and densities to support active transport; and
  • choices of destinations.

The City of Greater Geraldton is also:

  • Guiding the structure planning process around the needs of active transport at the regional and local level to ensure active transport;
  • Ensuring areas are planned to incorporate an increase in inclusive mobility;
  • Planning for new growth areas to have a variety of destinations (such as schools and shops) within walking or cycling distance to support these;
  • Ensuring that the network has a highly interconnected cycling/walking path network and a coordinated network of streets with bike lanes and pedestrian priority at intersections;
  • Planning for public transport connectivity between activity centres, schools and residential areas; and
  • Bicycle facilities at end of trip locations and bus stops to enable users to cycle and then connect with public transport.

The City is undertaking an Integrated Transport Strategy to plan out the future years of transport network developments to ensure active travel is increased.

Gero Cycle Chic

Cycle Chic is a modern phrase to describe something that has existed since the invention of the bicysle in the 1880s - regular citizens on bicycles.

Gero Cycle Chic is about cycling in fashionable, everyday clothes. There is no need for lycra when you are just 'getting around G town'.

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TravelSmart helps people to use less cars and choose alternatives such as cycling, walking and public transport.

If you're planning to Walk, Cycle or Catch a bus around Geraldton, check out the Local TravelSmart Guide Greater Geraldton.

Why Not Wednesday

‘Why Not Wednesday’ is an Active Travel program designed to encourage Geraldton residents to walk, ride their bike, scoot, skate, carpool or catch the bus to work or school.

By participating in Why Not Wednesday you have the opportunity to be rewarded by your choice of supporting businesses or organisations and how they will support you for joining in!

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Active Travel Events

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