Response to Member for Geraldton’s Letter to the Editor

Friday, March 1, 2013
City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Ian Carpenter unhappy with Member of Geraldton Ian Blayney's letter to the editor attacking developments.

Responding to Member for Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney’s Letter to the Editor (‘Geronet bypass not a priority’, page 6 Geraldton Guardian, Wednesday 27, 2013) regarding the City’s role with housing development, the Mayor of the City of Greater Geraldton, Ian Carpenter, would like to clarify the City’s stance on the issue.

Mr Carpenter said history shows that previously the City of Geraldton and the Shire of Greenough delivered small scale development projects such as Drummond Beach in conjunction with the State Government.

“In terms of current initiatives, the Olive Street Residential Development proposal is consistent with the historical practice of small scale development which has occurred over the past decade,” he said.

“The Wandina-Karloo development of potentially some 1700 residential lots is being undertaken by the Department of Housing. The City has a great working relationship with the department and supports their investment and initiative in building capacity within Geraldton.

“The City is disappointed that the Member for Geraldton is attacking developments in his own constituency that are in partnership with departments of the government of which he is a Member,” said Mr Carpenter.

“The City has always wanted to work collaboratively with Mr Blayney for the betterment of our region and that’s why the City remains committed to maintaining our positive relationships with all the ministers and their departments in delivering positive outcomes for Geraldton.

“What Mr Blayney needs to recognise is that the proceeds from the Olive Street development will fund the Southern Districts Sporting Grounds, and without the funds from the sale of this land we would be unable to complete this important project.”

Mr Carpenter said under the State’s Community Sport and Recreation Funding Scheme there is only $20 million available for the whole State which causes councils to have to find entrepreneurial ways of funding projects like these, to enable the fulfillment of community expectations. (ie Olive Street land sales).

“We would encourage Mr Blayney to assist the region in finding more funds for regional sporting developments or if he is at all unsure of development details to approach us for a briefing so he can be better informed,” he said.

Pic: City of Greater Geraldton Mayor, Mr Ian Carpenter.