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Our staff members report any road maintenance issues they may come across, however we also encourage you to call (08) 9956 6600 if you have any concerns. The major issues we look out for and would like to have reported are:

  • Potholes and other road repairs;
  • Street Tree Maintenance;
  • Street Name Signs (missing/damaged);
  • Blocked stormwater drains or flooding;
  • Damaged Kerbs;
  • Pathway repairs;
  • Damaged Bus Shelters;
  • Faulty lighting on Foreshore/reserves (i.e. parks, sporting grounds); and
  • Playground Equipment (missing/damaged).

Directional signs such as Stop signs, Give-Way signs and traffic control signals (damaged or missing) should be reported to Main Roads Western Australia on 1800 800 009 (free call) or you can complete a fault form at the MRWA website.

Street Lighting

The City of Greater Geraldton is responsible for the cost of new street lights and the running costs of existing street lights. Lighting Infrastructure is provided by Western Power. If you are aware of any safety, vandalism or maintenance problems for street lighting, please contact Western Power on 13 13 51 or you can complete a faulty street light form at the Western Power website.

Should you have any queries or required additional information, please contact the Community Infrastructure Department on (08) 9956 6635.